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Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic is a U.S. 501 c 3 nonprofit, a Canadian Registered Charity and a Dominican Republic Government Registered Nonprofit (NGO). We are an all volunteer-based organization working in the Dominican Republic.

Our mission is to significantly improve the health and well-being of the dogs (Coconut Hounds) and cats (Coconut Cats) living in the Dominican Republic.  This mission is being accomplished through several programs supported by the commitment and compassion of our volunteers, donors, and followers.


  • Spay/Neuter Clinics: Reducing overpopulation is a crucial, massive, and ongoing effort and is one of our biggest goals. We regularly work with veterinarians who come to the island to volunteer their time and talent to work with our team to attain this goal. Most of our patients are street animals that we round up, as well as those that are owned by poor Dominicans and Haitians whose animals we treat for free. We have performed thousands of surgeries to reduce the animal population, resulting in tens of thousands of fewer unwanted animals roaming the streets.

  • Outreach Programs: Our volunteers go into local communities and provide flea, tick, and parasite medicines as a preventative to thousands of animals for free every month. They also check on animals in their areas for more severe issues and they treat those issues on site or bring the dog or cat to a local veterinarian for care if needed.

  • Emergency Vet Services: DCDR will help street animals as well as those owned by poor Dominicans and Haitians by taking them to a local vet and paying for treatments needed including; x-rays, surgeries, wound care, medications, etc.

  • Education: Our education program encompasses everyone from school-aged children to local law enforcement officers. We educate about animal care, animal cruelty laws, proper treatment of animals, how to approach animals, and what to do if they run across an animal in need.

  • Advocacy: The only way to institute real change is to make sure that animals are legally protected. We are continually working to institute the changes needed on the island to ensure animal safety.

  • Foster and Adoption Programs: Whenever possible, we place our street dogs and cats with loving and caring foster parents who will provide a home for these animals until they can find committed and qualified families to adopt them. We have helped thousands of street dogs and cats find new homes.

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