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The Mariposa DR Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit sustained by donations.

Mariposa fulfills their mission of doing whatever it takes to make sure she reaches her full potential.

Some of the ways we do this are:

●  Academic Enrichment - Scholarships, Tutoring, Vocational Training

●  Experiential Learning - Field Trips, active learning classrooms

●  Environmental Education and Activism - Environmental Stewardship, Environmental Sustainability Commitments

●  Global Partnerships - Creating global awareness, collaborating with top learning institutions around the world, hosting events and guest speakers

●  Safe Space- The Mariposa Center for Girls provides a safe space for girls, build homes for families as needed

●  Arts and Culture Curriculum - Mural projects, curriculum and emphasis on mending Haiti-DR relations, creating books and songs

●  Access to Health and Wellness Services and Education - Providing annual medical check-ups, health education classes, athletic and water sports lessons, mindfulness and meditation, healthy meals and snacks

●  Promoting Global Awareness of the Girl Movement - Creating the Girls Museum and Visitor Center, Website, Social Media

●  Social Enterprise- Allowing the organization to be self-sustaining and offering employment to women in the community through the Cabarete Guide, Cabarete Coffee, Upcycled Sails, and Altagracia Farm

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